Evelyn white zip in waist Fullgrip

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Evelyn is an EXTRA highwaisted highwaist. The fitting is amazing in this model Montar riding breeches. the waistband is elastic, so you simply forget your wear these breeches because they are SO comfortable. The White Evelyn could be your new competition breeches. 


There are 2 silver zippers in the waistband for deco, and 3 matching silver buttons. In the fullseat silicone print, the montar logo also made in silver sparkling silicone. 

This is simply a Try on. You will never regret.. Evelyn is made ati fabric -Elastic, super comfortable, water repellent and high quality. Available in fullseat silicone. 


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Material: Montar Yati, 90% polyamide and 10% elastane

Care instructions: Do not tumble dry and only turn left and wash at maximum of 30°C.